Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ouchy, Stingy, Yucky Implements and Why They Are Excellent

We have smallish kids and very close neighbors.  This means that we have to use quieter implements.  We used to use only implements that were close to silent.  Vincent has gotten over what the neighbors think to a certain extent and we have discovered that our kids would sleep through a brass band playing in their bedroom.  So, we do have some paddles now that are not as silent but still not real loud.

Vincent almost always uses these paddle type things for almost all spankings (except the sexy ones, which is another post entirely).  They are fine, but I have noticed something.  I have a hard butt and an even harder head.  I have honestly not had a spanking that made any real impact since he put away the nasty, ouchy, stingy, yucky silent implements.

He did it mostly because I asked him to.  Ok, ok, if I am completely honest I used guilt to get him to stop using them.  I did a really bad thing.  I told him that it was possible to injure me with those implements and then said, "You don't want that do you?"

Yeah, I know, it was horrible.  I suppose, technically, it is within the vast realm of very unlikely possibilities that those implements might possibly injure me.  Here is the problem.  I know very well that he would never, could never, injure me.  In the wrong hands the silent implements could injure but so could every other implement, and his hands are definitely not the wrong hands.

Here is the even worse part.  I knew all of this was true when I got him to stop using them.  I know that punishment is supposed to hurt.  It is supposed to hurt past the point where it isn't really a big deal.  It is supposed to be painful enough that I am sorry and I am thinking about it for a while.  I am not supposed to be looking forward to a punishment spanking, for the spanking itself.  I do look forward to putting the disobedience behind us and the closeness, but I really should be dreading the spanking part.  It is not supposed to be sexy and well within my tolerance level.

I am sure that there are people that disagree with me here, and that is fine, but this is about me.  For me a punishment spanking should have me begging and crying.  It is the only way that it is going to have the desired impact and help me in the way I need it too and the way he wants.

The truth is that the paddles should probably be used for warm ups and maintenance.  Punishment should be done with Z (horrible plastic coated wire hangar loop) and the tilt wand (the turny stick thing off the mini blinds).  He is not ever going to injure me, it just isn't possible.  I made him feel wary and guilty and it has had the consequence that he has been made ineffective.

Not only was I unfair, I told a bold face lie.

To Vincent:

I am so sorry.  I should never have done this to you.  I hope you can forgive me, and more important, get past the feelings that you could possibly injure me.  You couldn't.


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