Friday, June 27, 2014

My Amazing Man

I have an amazing man in my life.  He is trying so hard to give me what I need.  Believe me when I say that I am not easy to live with.  I am moody, bitchy, mouthy, and I always think that I am right.  It takes a lot of effort to try to reign all of that in.  It would be so much easier on him if he just threw in the towel and didn't try.

That isn't what he is doing.  He is stepping up and letting me know that I AM going to be taken in hand.  The last couple days have been an excellent example of this.

He has a favorite implement.  I think most HoH's have a favorite.  His is a particularly wicked implement for two reasons.  I have a high pain tolerance, so I need something that is going to make an impact, and we need something quiet.  The quieter the implement the nastier it is.

A few days ago I asked him to take that implement off the table.  He agreed without a fight and said that if I truly wasn't okay with it then he wouldn't use it.  Then he spanked me with the other implements and I complained that they didn't have enough impact (see why it would make sense for him to throw in the towel).  He didn't bitch or tell me how insane I was being (even though I was).

We talked it all out and agreed to use the nasty Z (that is what he calls his favorite implement) but only for ten strokes or less.  This allows for the impact without causing any damage.  He also sat down with me and went implement shopping online.  We bought some more implements that will hopefully have the necessary impact without the noise.

Until then he is trying new things to see if he can find something that works without him having to worry about injuring me.  Because as we all know punishment is supposed to hurt but not injure.  He is really bending over backwards to make this work.

Even though last nights punishment did not have quite enough impact it was effective.  It is the knowledge that he is willing to do whatever it takes.

I have the most amazing man. Now if I can just get him to spank for long enough that I stay sorry for several days we will be in business.  (You didn't really think I was going to go a whole post without complaining about something.)


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