Friday, June 20, 2014

Me, My Mouth, and My Bad Attitude

It has been an eventful two days.  I am determined to not top from the bottom and learn to truly be submissive.  BUT... I am going to need lots of help and I am not sure if my butt will be anything but insanely sore for the next couple months at least.

Vincent has not had any trouble getting back into his dominant role.  He is requiring me to use Sir, and continually corrects my tone of voice and attitude.  It sounds overbearing but it is what I will require for a while until I get into the right place and start behaving properly.

I almost made a mess of him trying to spank me again.  He told me I had punishment coming and that I was to bare my bottom and lean over the footstool.  He brought out the horrible, nasty Z and I leaned over the footstool.

First mistake, I didn't take off my panties and he had to pull them down even though he had specifically told me to take them off.  In my defense I was nervous.  It has been several months since I was spanked for punishment.  However, I think my mistake just served to remind him of all the mouthing off and disobeying I had been doing for two days.

So he pulled my panties down and started swatting my bottom and the pain was insane.  I know that it was a combination of going without for a while and that he isn't nearly as timid as he used to be, but this hurt.  I kicked and wiggled and pulled completely out of position.

He actually only managed four or five swats before I pulled away completely.  I know that this is a major no-no, but like I said I am going to need serious help with where my head is.

Now Vincent is a very good man, and really has no desire to hurt me.  He stopped, held me, and we moved on to other things.  It was wonderful but there was nagging guilt in the back of my head.  I knew that I had not gotten the spanking that I needed and deserved because I had stopped it, and that is just wrong.

I let it simmer for about an hour and then I decided I had to apologize.  I got down on my knees in front of him.  I wanted him to know I was apologizing and not trying to tell him how to punish me.  I told him that I knew that I had not gotten the spanking that I should have because I pulled away.  I told him I was sorry and that I was ready to take my punishment like a big girl.

He sighed real big and I was afraid he thought that I was trying to tell him to spank me so I made sure that he understood that I was just apologizing and putting myself in his hands and it was up to him what to do.  I think that he really respected that and told me that I did have more punishment coming.

We went to the bedroom and he got out that horrible nasty thing.  I took off my panties and laid over the bed this time just like I was supposed to.  He definitely gave me what I had coming. He spanked me hard and didn't stop when I wiggled or apologized or begged.  It was an exceptional job at being the HOH that I love so much.

Now you would think that a woman who got spanked that well would be on her best behavior the next morning.  You would be wrong.  I was mouthy and bossy and obnoxious this morning.  He told me that when he gets back from the lake on Sunday night he will be doing a more thorough job since I obviously didn't learn from last night. Yeah my stomach dropped to my feet.  I definitely have a bad one coming.

Now you would think that a woman who already knows that she is going to be getting a severe spanking would behave herself.  You would be wrong.  We were in the bedroom talking and I mouthed off again.  Yeah I am apparently really hard headed.  I wish my butt were as hard as my head.

He told me to shut the door, lifted my skirt, put me over the bed and proceeded to swat some obedience into my behind.  My already sore behind was searing in pain from the very first swat.  Even though I only got a dozen swats they were hard and I got the point that he wasn't happy.  I was also informed that depending on how I behave this weekend he might take away half of what I was going to get on Sunday.

So this weekend it will be just the three of us hanging out alone cleaning the house and contemplating another very sore ass.  Me, my mouth, and my bad attitude.


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