Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wire Loop of Pain

First things first, I thought it would be simpler for me and more concise if I ever have readers for me to use names for me and my partner.  Just makes it simpler.  So based on some nicknames and some family history and some things that make me smile, from here on out I will be Rose and my partner will be Vincent.  Now on to Thursday.

So I started the blog on Thursday and caught up with everything that had happened to that point. posted a picture of the new punishment instrument that I made on the request of Vincent.  I was a good girl and did it exactly to his specifications.  Now I am trying to think of a way to loose it without getting in trouble.  In the spirit of submission I made a list of all my transgressions from the last week.  My brilliant ideas just keep getting better and better.  Why did I want ttwd again?

So welcome to Thursday night. There is dinner and some TV and cuddling.  I went to the bedroom on some innocent errand, like putting something on the bed, and he comes in after me.  I was really not expecting anything(still not getting any brighter).  He walks past me and pulls my pants and panties down just enough to swat one cheek of my butt.  Then he gives me the "look" and tells me to get naked and on the bed right now and he will be back(cue butterflies in my stomach).  I do as I am told and just wait.  I can hear him shutting things down in the living room, and I think that the waiting is so much worse than the punishment(sooooooo wrong).

He comes into the bedroom and I can hear him going through the bag where we keep the implements of punishment.  At this point I am silently begging that he goes for the switch and not the new wire loop(yeah that was just silly).  He gets on the bed and tells me I am going to be punished  for all the things that I shouldn't have done(the list is long, very very long).

I thought I knew how much it was going to hurt after the wire hanger experience, I was so wrong.  The pain is insane, not just regular insane but should-be-locked-up-in-a-rubber-room insane, and he wasn't going to be done anytime soon.  One thing that is really good(because it really helps me get the point) is that he talks to me about what I have done while he is punishing.  He continues smacking alternating spots and intensity and speed so I am always caught off guard and I don't go numb.  It just keeps getting more and more painful as he asks me questions about whether I am going to repeat my transgressions.

He stops and rubs my very sore bottom and I am flooded with relief because I think the punishment is done(I wonder if I am ever going to get smarter).  He says I may get dressed and go out for a cigarette but I have to sit on the metal bench while I am outside and I need to get naked and back into position when I come back.
I used to like that bench, the list of things I don't like is getting looong.

Have I mentioned that he is learning scary quickly.  He climbs over me and holds down my legs so I can no longer move all over the place(scary quick).

Despite the length of this blog I need to give you some info.  I am kind of really a spanko.  I do enjoy erotic spankings a great deal, and I have a HIGH pain tolerance, especially with spanking.

Having said that, this HURT, like I-would-give-away-many-parts-of-my-body-to-stop-this pain, or compared-to-this-labor-was-a-breeze pain.  Three qualifiers at this point so that no one believes he is making me be in too much pain.  I am spanked-three-times-and-still-do-it hard to teach, once again my high pain tolerance, and there was a long list of transgressions that even women who don't practice DD would probably get in trouble for.  I digress.

Are you going to do any of those things again? smack smack smack smack


What? smack smack smack smack


What? smack smack smack smack

No, sir.

That is right. smack smack smack smack

Do I have to take away your computer so you will get things done?  smack smack smack smack


What? smack smack smack smack


What? smack smack SMACK SMACK

AAAAHHHH No Sir(told you I was a hard learner)

This is just a small sample, trust me when I tell you that it went on forever(okay like ten minutes) actually I have no idea how long, there wasn't room in my head for time keeping.  The only things in my brain were pain and giving the correct answers.

He moved off my legs and asked if I would be behaving better tomorrow.  Believe me when I say to you that I meant it from the bottom of my heart when I said yes sir.  And yet.....

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