Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why?? Please Someone Tell Me Why??

It is Saturday and I am still sore from the punishment on Thursday night.  So you can imagine how much pain I was in on Thursday night.

And yet....

Before I tell you about the did-you-leave-your-brains-in-the-freezer incident I want to defend myself with a few points.  Even though I was born a natural submissive circumstances in my life turned me into a snarky, pouty, bitch at about the age of eight.  So we are trying to train out thirty years of attitude and we have only been doing this for about two weeks.

Now on with the how brainless can you act show.

The punishment didn't feel like it accomplished what it was supposed to, don't get me wrong it HURT, but I didn't feel cleansed of quilt and serene like I thought that I should have.  I am just starting to learn a submissive state of mind so I immediately went to blaming Vincent in my head.  This led to several snarky comments which led to a pouty attitude which led to me leaving bed and going to the living room.  He was still trying to be firm and get me to behave properly but my mind was just too screwed up to be reigned in.

Finally I said the 'horrible thing', just forget about all this Domestic Discipline thing, you obviously don't want this and are just after kinky sex.  He pointed out that he was all in and I was the one quitting(one of my exceptionally large attitude problems).  Eventually I did start talking, and the more I talked the calmer I got.  We got a lot of things worked out and we are on a much better path.

Hopefully next time I don't have to go through all the drama just to talk to him.  Yeah right.

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