Monday, March 10, 2014

That ONE Thing

Do any of you out there have the ONE thing?  The thing that really gets under his skin.  The thing that he will almost always spank for.

The thing that you CANNOT seem to stop doing?

Forgetting my keys.  That is my ONE thing.

It gets under his skin like nothing else that I physically do.  There are some mental things but that is just starting to be a work in progress.  The key thing I should have got by now.  In the last month I have been spanked three times for just that.  He never fails to spank for it and he actually starts to loose that timid, afraid of hurting me thing when it is this issue.  I remember the next day for sure.


At least I cannot remember my keys.

I blame it on the weather.  If I always wore the same jacket then they would always be in the pocket and I would always have them.

Tonight I get to face the very not happy man who has to deal with me forgetting my keys for the fourth time this month.

Think positive thoughts and maybe it won't be so bad (yeah I don't believe that either).

Sad, sore Rose will see you tomorrow.



  1. That was me and leaving the car lights on and killing the battery. We realized the third or forth time it happened was because the beeper had broke. So we got it fixed. Could you leave your kys by the door? Keep them in your purse? Keep something on the door handle that you have to push aside to open the door as a reminder about your keys. Hope tonight is not too painful for you.

  2. I am buying a hook for next to the door tomorrow. Thanks for the advice, I will find a way to remember. I do not want to be reminded again. This one was painful enough, but as they say this to shall pass. It was certainly a necessary reminder.

    I appreciate the concern. I will probably sit comfortably again in a couple days and the talk and closeness afterwards was awesome. ;)