Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Surprise And A Request

Usually I am a big believer in men hanging out with their male friends and have male bonding time.  They have things they need to talk about with other guys and they need to blow off steam in a way they just can't do with women.  It is sort of equivalent to blogging here and talking to the women that I have met about the confusing things in my life, or hanging out with my friends and having drinks and laughing about nothing.

Having said that...

Vincent came home last week and told me he was going out with a guy from work next Tuesday (that would have been yesterday, no I don't think you are stupid I just know my references can be confusing).   For some reason this immediately got under my skin and I was irritated.  I didn't tell him about it in an adult and sane way, no I let it stew and grow in my brain.  This has made me progressively more snippy and nasty to him since Saturday.  

I have even had some punishment for my attitude and mouth.  Did I talk to him about what was bothering me in an adult way?  Of course not, that would have made waaaay too much sense.  I simply let it brew under the surface.  It came boiling out full force last night.

He didn't end up going out, but he didn't tell me this in advance (no this is not the surprise I was referring to in my title) he just showed up at the regular time.  We actually had a really good night.  We laughed, talked, were very intimate (yum) but there was still an elephant in the room.

When we were lying in bed cuddling in a wonderful way my brain chose to put my obnoxious mouth into high gear.  I just plain went off.  Interestingly enough there was not much reaction.  He was in a really good mood and he just commented lightly about my mouth and cuddled me closer.  

For a reason that I cannot fathom as I got up to go take some meds I said the one thing that he really doesn't like.  It is a big NO NO in our house.  I looked back, stuck out my tongue and said, "Whatever!"  He immediately reacts and tells me to come back to him now.  I must have been temporarily insane because my response is, "Yeah, that is so not going to happen." (Insert gasp and comments about how I am not real bright.)

So I come back to bed and he still seems to be in a good mood but he gets that HOH look and tells me to get naked and lay down.  This is Vincent's version of assume that position.  I know most men have different ways of saying it, but whatever he says it never leaves you wondering what is going to happen next.

I actually have the audacity to be surprised.  I think I even replied with WHAT.  All of a sudden he wasn't joking.  I finally did something smart and didn't fight, but just went to my fate quietly.  It was short and extremely painful.

He was in fine HOH form.  Lecturing and punctuating his words with the hardest hits he has ever used.  He is definitely getting past the fear of hurting me.  It hurt more than any other spanking he has ever given and it was probably only a dozen swats. 

So the question is, is it more intense when the spanking is a surprise or when you know about it in advance and have time to prepare?  Based on last night I would say that surprise is worse.  I don't have enough data to say for sure but I am definitely not a fan of the surprise spanking.  

Oh and after that my attitude was completely purged and my halo is safely back in place.

Now for something completely different.  I need some advice.  

Vincent has a big thing about privacy (I may have mentioned that once or twice ;). He wants quiet implements and I need some suggestions.  Give me everything you have because we also need to start varying intensity based on transgression so I want to give him some choices.  Thanks for your help.


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