Thursday, February 27, 2014

I HATE Hangers

So even after last night my stupid head still wasn't sure if he was going to keep it up or if that was just a one time thing.  I really have to stop underestimating him.

So this morning was a little different than most weekday mornings (and not just because my backside hurts like hell).  We are usually up between five and five thirty and he leaves for work about quarter to six.  Then I get the kids up at seven.  He had a meeting at eight thirty this morning so he slept until seven.  I was still up at five thirty but couldn't get in the bedroom so I forgot that all the punishment implements and the lube was all over our bedroom floor.

So my daughter wants to go in there and watch something and E(my partner) yells from the bathroom, "Is all of that stuff still on the floor?"  I curse, bite my lip, say yes sir very meekly and then run to the bedroom.  I get my daughter to leave and then I get on my knees on the floor and start to clean up.  You can see what is coming here can't you, yeah well I did not.

I here him come up behind me as I am packing up the bag and I tell him his new favorite is right there under the bed, it is a hanger and therefore innocuous enough to leave it out, and I am trying to encourage consistency so we can really embrace this lifestyle (yeah, yeah, I know, stupid).  He asks where and I show him, then he says let me see it so I can tell if it has been bent. Yeah you definitely see what is coming here.  I STILL didn't.

I give it to him and then he says bend over.  He hits me hard on my butt with his new best friend about ten times, and I do mean HARD.  Then he says, "Don't ever forget to clean up these things again."  I am not really sure that I want him learning this quickly.  I am definitely sure that my butt doesn't want him learning this quick.  Can you feel what is coming, yeah, enter big fat mouth.

I tell him how surprised I am at how fast he is learning and he says, "I am just getting started."  I really have to find something that numbs my butt and hide it from him.  Once again he doesn't read the blog (thank you to all that is that he doesn't read my blog).  Oh and he wants to name it, he is liking this hanger waaaaay toooo much.

So here I sit with a very sore butt and on my best behavior.  I have a feeling that I will get more sore before he is done.  After all it takes minimum effort with that horrible wire thing.  If someone does stumble on this and has nickname ideas for his favorite punisher feel free to share.

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